About Me

As a lifelong entrepreneur, Pedro Gilberto Fuentes Hinojosa builds ideas from scratch. And as a

real estate developer, he creates his construction projects in the same way.

Pedro Fuentes has been doing business for over 50 years. He has developed real estate for

construction, hotels, and car sales. What do these industries have in common? On the surface, not a lot. But for Pedro Fuentes, these very different businesses have one very important thing in common: his passion for them.

Pedro Fuentes ties all of his work together using that passion, his keen business sense, and his

leadership skills. His dedication has turned his business into an exciting and valuable lifestyle.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit: Working from a Young Age

Pedro Gilberto Fuentes Hinojosa has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. His interest in business began very early on, and Pedro Fuentes was no stranger to hard work from the start.

He first started out as a Ford dealer Owner of Auto Products, S.A. of C.V. located in Insurgentes Sur, one of the most important avenues of the city of Mexico. This is an agency that was established in 1936, which Pedro acquired during the seventies.

Subsequently, he built another new agency called Ford Fuentes Interlomas, located in

Interlomas to the west of Mexico City, this being the largest Ford distributor in America.

This experience taught Pedro Fuentes the value of effort. He saw firsthand that building a

business is never easy. However, he gained the tenacity he needed to build success. Through patience and hard work, Pedro Fuentes learned how to help his business prosper.

During that time, Pedro Fuentes also learned about individuality, leadership, decision-making,

and risks.

Entrepreneurs always have to think outside the box. Leaders can't be afraid to go out

of the status quo. They must look at problems from different angles and remain open to new possibilities.

Pedro Fuentes has always embraced risk and leadership, but his work experience has helped him get even further in business. He sees the world through a business lens, asking "what if" questions and trying new things. As a result, his business innovations generated success and drew much attention.

Of course, Pedro Fuentes's upbringing has also influenced his business sense. Pedro studied high business management at the IPADE Business School, where he developed his passion and honed his skills. The IPADE's experience helped Pedro Fuentes turn his entrepreneurial instincts into a road map for success.

He learned to put his abilities to their best use. Thanks to this education, he broadened his experience, developing a love for hospitality and architecture. He designed restaurants, including La Antigua restaurant in Interlomas.

Because of this, Pedro Fuentes has developed many houses and buildings as well.

Fuentes de las Lomas

Among all the architectural experiences of Pedro Fuentes, he started to design -with a select group of engineers and

architects- detail by detail Fuentes de las Lomas. Pedro wanted to build a unique place to live because things could no longer go on being the same, leaving behind the old molds of Fractionation constructions. This is how Fuentes de las Lomas was born. It has become an icon worldwide, simply because it has a central park of approximately 80 thousand square meters and a lake of 10 thousand square meters, with an island and spectacular waterfalls, in addition to many more attractions.

Now, Mexico City has a lot of architecture, including thriving business and residential areas.

However, Pedro's vision differentiates Fuentes de las Lomas from other architectures. For this project, Pedro Fuentes once again embraced an avant-garde spirit. He insisted on using a new style of architecture rather than the usual styles one would normally find in Mexico City.

Typically, residential developments simply sit on top of existing land. The builders

can flatten out pieces of land, modifying the landscape to fit the development. Thanks to Pedro's vision, Fuentes de las Lomas doesn't work like that. Instead, this development works with the land, combining the perfection of architecture with the beauty of nature. The area even has a large park, which allows families to enjoy nature without leaving the city. In this way, residents can enjoy their luxurious houses, but those houses do not interfere with the beauty of the hills of the west of Mexico City.

But while Pedro Fuentes and his team used an innovative architectural style, they did not completely abandon the tradition. Fuentes de las Lomas is a group of Tuscan-style villas. These villas offer traditional beauty alongside their new design.

Achievements and looking to the future

Pedro Fuentes has accomplished a lot throughout his career, and his achievements have earned him much recognition.

These days, he still works as CEO of his companies. Instead of founding businesses and then leaving, Pedro Fuentes prefers to take a more active role in his work. By staying attached to your businesses, you can keep them as innovative and productive as their vision requires.

He also adds philanthropy to his work. For example, he has built 3 primary schools, which he has donated to the city, as well as a public park and a sports park. All of these were donations made entirely by the companies of Pedro Fuentes. Pedro understands the value of a good education and, thanks to his business success, can help young people make the most of it. One day, perhaps future entrepreneurs will have similar achievements thanks to the contributions of Pedro Fuentes.

What's next for Pedro Fuentes and his businesses? The future is full of new projects. Pedro Fuentes wants to make the most of these possibilities while maintaining his passion for business, construction, and design.

Regardless of what the future holds, Pedro Gilberto Fuentes Hinojosa will move forward with one thought: have an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit.


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